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Sirumalai is a region of 60,000 acres (200 kms) situated 25 km (16 miles) from Dindigul and 40 km (25 miles) from Madurai, Tamilnadu, India. There are many high hills in the area. Hillock International School is located in Sirumalai. Sirumalai is a dense forest region with a moderate climate throughout the year. With an altitude of 1600 metres above sea level, it contains diversified flora and fauna. The hill has 18 hairpin bends.

Sirumalai Hills has several scenic natural attractions which are enjoyed by its visitors and make it a popular destination. They are described below:

Annai Velankanni Church

The church is on a slope at the top of the hill. It is 2 kms from the nearest bus stop. Residents observe the festival for “Our Lady of Good Health” annually in September, with a flag hoisted prior to the festival.

Sirumalai Lake

Sirumalai Lake contains a small lake that was artificially created in the year 2010. This Lake is a man made one. This lake here bordered by tall green trees. Boating facility is available too for those who want to slowly glide through the placid waters of the lake. Boating is available in the lake mostly during the weekends when there is enough water in it.

Observation Tower

An Observation tower located on seventeenth Hair Pin Bend offers a (much needed) place for a stopover. At this point, there is nothing better you can do other than enjoying the jaw dropping scenery below.

Sanjeevani Hills

The hill became famous when Lord Hanuman had to search for a certain herb, and not finding it, had to take the entire hill with him to cure Lord Laxmanan. On his way back from Sri Lanka with the hill, a piece fell down here and it came to be known as Sanjeevani Hills. This Hill is part of Sirumalai Hills.

Saathiyar Basin

Saathiyar River originates from Sirumalai hills and flows southward and empties into Vaigai River. The basin covers an area of 819 square kilometres (316 sq mi). The total ayacut of the sub-basin is 4,279.89 hectares (10,575.8 acres). Near Vadipatti, Saathiyar Dam has been constructed across this river for irrigation purpose. This is the catchment area of the Saathiyar Dam in Madurai.

Vellimalai Murugan Temple

The famous Lord Murugan temple (Vellimalai Murugan Temple) is located in the mountain which is away from 45 minutes climbing over the valley. This temple is renowned throughout the neighbouring villages and towns.

Khandige Estate

The Khandige estate spread across 1000 acres is located in the Sirumalai hills, an isolated group of hills in the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu drained by three rivers of which 2 are perennial which flow through the Khandige estate before flowing into the plains as a series of waterfalls. The region receives an average of 120-132 cm rain during the months of October and December. Surrounded by about 20-30,000 Acres of reserve forest, this estate has a natural wealth of flora and fauna, particularly medicinal plants, which has been left primarily untouched. The primary aim of this estate is to conserve the bio-diversity of the Western Ghats and to prevent or at least stall the destruction of this rich eco-system due to rampant deforestation.

Selvi Koil Point

The place offers a panoramic view of Dindigul and Chinnamalai town. At dusk, the Selvi Koil Point unveils a view of the beautifully illuminated Dindigul and adjacent Chinnamalai town down below, which appear oval-shaped.

Agastya Puram

Agastya Puram is located in Sirumalai Hills named after the prominent Agastya Siddhar. In the region of Sirumalai the Agasthiarpuram is a holy place where siddhas (monks) have lived since ancient days. The area is surrounded with medicinal herbs and plants. In the tip of the hill there is historic Shiva Lingam, which dates back at least 500 years.

Silver Hills

Located in Agastya Puram is Silver Hill, this is the tallest hill in Sirumalai. It is said that the peak of the Silver hill was made up of Silver but to avoid man’s destructive actions during the Kali Yuga the hill was transformed via Alchemy in to stone by Agastya Siddhar, hence it got the name silver hill. The hills silver glitter can be still seen in the sun light. In the peak of this Silver hill is a 500-year-old Shiva Lingam, walk to top of the hill is about 30 – 45 minutes.


Dindigul Rock Fort, a historical fort measuring 280 ft in height, is situated near the main town of Dindigul. The fort was constructed by Naik king Muthu Krishnappa Naicker in 1605.

Abirami Amman Temple

Abirami Amman Temple is situated in the heart of the city and is famous for the Kolu that is kept during the Navratri festival. During this festival, the temple priests perform over 1 lac archanas to Goddess Abirami Amman. A procession during all Fridays of Adi month is held at this temple when the goddess is taken on a flower pallak.

Berijam Lake

Berijam Lake is located amidst thick woods in Kodaikanal and is considered to be the major source of water in Periyakulam town.

Manjalar Dam

The Manjalar Dam is situated around 10 km from Batlagundu bus stand in Dindigul District. The reservoir stores water from the Manjalar River and is best visited between October and March.

St. Antony's Church

St. Anthony's Church was built between 1982 and 1989 by Thomas Fernando. The church is known for a ceremony that starts on the last Friday of January and continues for 15 days.

Dolphin's Nose

Dolphin's Nose is about 8 km from Berijam Lake in Kodaikanal. It is a flat rock which is 6,600 ft deep and looks like a dolphin's nose.

Dindigul Hill

Dindigul hill looks like a pillow or Dhindu, after which the city has been named Dindigul. The hill has an old Dindigul Fort that was constructed by Muthu Krishnappa Naicker.

Thadikombu Perumal Temple

Thadikombu Perumal Temple is located at a distance of 5 km from Dindigul on the route to Karur. Lord Alagar is the main deity of this temple, who is offered a special pooja for 12 days during the Chitrai month from April to May.

Begambur Big Mosque

Begambur Big Mosque, a shrine built over 300 years ago, was one of the three mosques built by Hyder Ali in Dindigul. Situated in Begambur, this mosque and the surroundings are named in the memory of Hyder Ali's sister. During his stay in Dindigul, Hyder Ali had built a mosque for himself, one for his soldiers and one for the public and had even granted funds for the maintenance of the mosques. After the death of Ameer-un-Nisha Begum, the younger sister of Hyder Ali and wife of Killedar MirRiza Ali Khan, in 1766 AD, her body was brought here and buried in the premises. Being the more popular mosques, a lot of tourists come here to see the tomb of Ameer-un-Nisha and to offer prayers at the shrine. This mosque has two towering minarets and a simple Namaaz area. Though this mosque is open on all days, the best time to visit is during the Jumma prayer on Friday. One can also visit Kumaran Park, Kottai Mariamman, Perumal Kovil and Dindigul Rock Fort, all located close by. Located in the heart of Dindigul, Begambur Big Mosque is easily accessible by bus.

Sri Kottai Mariamman Kovil

Sri Kottai Mariamman Kovil is a 200 year old temple which has an idol of Kottai Mariamman, installed by Tipu Sultan. Other important idols in the temple include Lord Vinayaka, Lord Murugan, Goddess Kali, Goddess Durga and Madurai Veeran. It has been constructed in the shape of a square at the fort of the mountain.

Kamakshiamman Temple

The Kamakshiamman Temple in Devadanapatti is located on the Batlagundu-Periyakulam Road. The main deity is known as Moongilanai Kamakshi, who is an incarnation of Goddess Parvati.

Sendraya Perumal Temple

The Sendraya Perumal Temple, situated near old Batlagundu bus stand, is open for people of all faiths and communities.


Peranai Dam is an ideal picnic spot in the region that can be visited from October to late February. It is at the confluence of waters flowing from Vaigai Dam, Marudanadi Dam, Varahanadi Dam and the Manjalar Dam.


Siddharmalai near Vikkiramangalam village is a natural cavern that lies to the south of Pancha Pandava Padukai. The rock has an inscription, Mathirai or the City of Walls, after which Madurai was named.