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Rockfort Ganpathi Temple, Trichy Overview

By far the most popular place in all of Trichy is the Rockfort Ganpathi Temple. It derives its name from it's unique building style. The temple structure comprises a huge rock, which is believed to be the oldest rock in the world, even older than The Himalayan Mountains.

After climbing 344 steps, the devotees reach the main temple area. The temple has two sub parts- the Thayumanaswamy, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the Pillayar, which is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. The origins of the temple are traced back to the 7th century. The Shiva temple contains the Lingam form of the Lord.

Samayapuram Amman Temple

The beautiful temple is located at about 20 km from the main city of Trichy. The Goddess worshipped here, Goddess Mariamman is believed to be the goddess of power.

Mariamman is also believed to bring health and prosperity to its devotees. A strong belief is that this deity cures small pox as well as chicken pox. This temple has individual shrines for processional images of Mariamman and moolavar.The place is especially known for the annual festival of Thai Poosam, which is celebrated with a lot of fanfare. The idol of the goddess is made up of sand and clay, and there for, the main idol is not subject to abhishekams (sacred washing), which is done at almost all other Hindu temples. Instead the "abishekam" is done to the small stone statue in front of the idol, as a mark of respect. There is also a famous ritual of buying small metallic replicas of the idol and keeping them at home, whenever a family member falls sick and then donating it to the donation box when the illness is cured.

Vekkali Amman Temple

Vekkali Amman Temple is dedicated to Goddess Vekkali who is considered as an avatar of Goddess Durga. The temple is located in the village of Woraiyur in Tiruchirapalli in the South-Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The Goddess is believed to be an epitome of immense strength, willpower, peace and harmony. As one walks into the temple, they will feel the divine vibe of Vekkali Amman. Devotees visit the glorious temple to offer their prayers, seek blessings and give gratitude for all that the Goddess has provided them with. The shrine of the Goddess is a splendid feature made in gold and silver with a stunning chariot. One can even write their wishes down on a piece of paper and drop it in a box. Many claim their wishes have come true and their faith in the divine power of Vekkali Amman has only increased day by day.

The Vekkali Amman Temple is known to exist in the village from the reign of the Chola Dynasty. Goddess Vekkali is believed to be the guardian of the locals, and the temple is of immense religious importance to the devotees. The Chola kings worshipped the goddess before every campaign to be victorious. Even today, devotees flock to the temple to seek blessings from Vekkali Amman before every important endeavour in their lives.

According to a legend, when the temple was being built, Goddess Vekkali Amman appeared and instructed her devotees not to create a roof on the temple till every human has a shelter for himself. This also signifies that the reach of Vekkali Amman is boundless. The ones continually searching for ways to shatter limiting beliefs must visit this temple at least once.

Sri Ranga Nathaswamy Temple

Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple is situated in Srirangam Town of Trichy. The temple is devoted to Lord Ranganatha, a reclining form of Lord Vishnu. The temple complex along with the surrounding area covers a total area of 156 acres.

It has been constructed in Dravidian style of architecture The temple is the largest functional temple in the world. The outstanding architecture of the temple includes 21 surrounding 'gopurams' along with an ornate gateway, which is also the tallest 'gopuram' of India. There is also a royal temple tower in the place, which covers a base area of 32500 sq. ft and has a height of 196 ft.The temple also has a hall with nearly 1000 decorated pillars.

Puliyancholai Waterfalls

Puliyancholai Waterfalls are situated at the base of Kolli Hills in Tiruchi. The mesmerizing waterfalls are a popular site of tourism and receives a huge influx of visitors. The waterfalls are truly a spot of peace and tranquility and offers solitude like no where else.


Agaya Gangai Waterfalls, Trichy Overview

Falling down from a massive height of 300 feet, Agaya Gangai Waterfalls are situated amidst Kolli Hills in the Eastern Ghats. The waterfalls can be reached through a trek or by climbing almost a 1000 steps. The waterfalls are best visited during monsoons.

St. Joseph's Church


Built in 1792, the St. Joseph's Church is one of the most beautiful churches in all South India. It is also one of the oldest Churches of India. It was built by Schwartz. The church was built during the time of mass conversions to Christianity, as initiated by the British under their rule in India. It is situated near the Teppakulam, in the centre of the town. The church is located close to the famous Maingaurd Gate, which has been a part of many historical events associated with the colonial rule.



In addition to beautiful temples, Trichy also has something for your children. Mukkombu is a picnic spot located at a distance of about 18 km from the city. Mukkombu has its own amusement park, Gardens and fishing areas, to keep your entire family entertained. The upper dam constructed across the river of Kaveri can also be visited and is equally majestic. boating and fishing facilities are also available at the dam.

Viralimalai Murgum Temple


Viralimalai Murugan Temple is located in the centre of the Viralimalai town of Trichy. The temple is one of the most popular temples in Tamil nadu. The temple derives its name from the Viralimalai hill, where it is located.

In order to reach the temple you have to climb up a flight of about 207 stairs. On the way, there are also certain mandapams providing rest rooms for the devotees. The temple is surrounded by orchards and varieties of tress, mainly Kura trees. You can also see numerous peacocks and squirrels around the temple complex. Within the premises of the temple, there is a statue of Kashyapa and Narad Muni along with several sculptures of Arumugan and Arunagirinathar, on its pillars. The temple houses an idol of Lord Muruga, who is seated on a peacock. The temple pooja is performed 6 times a day.

Brahmapureeswarar Temple


Located in the Thirupattur area near Tiruchi in the state of Tamil Nadu, Brahmapureeswarar Temple is a revered Hindu temple enshrined by Lord Brahmapureeswarar in the form of Swayambu Lingam as he is believed to have changed the destiny of Lord Brahma. Predominantly a Shiva temple, it is local myth that one can change his own fate of he seeks blessings in this temple. Lord Brahma has a separate shrine where he sits in a meditative pose in his signature lotus flower. Goddess Parvathi is also worshipped in the temple.

There are also 12 separate shrine of Lord Shiva, which are called Sri Bhramapureeswara, Sri Pazamalainathar, Sri Pathalaeswarar, Sri Kalathinathar, Sri Jambukeswarar, Sri Sudharaneeswarar, Sri Thayumannar, Sri Sabthagereswarar, Sri Kailasanathar, Sri Arunachaleeswarar, Sri Ekambreswarar and Sri Manduganathar. The temple stays especially crowded on Mondays and Thursdays. And the most popular festivals celebrated here include Brahmotsavam festival, Maha Shivarathri, Kathigai, Navarathri and Vinayaka Chathurthi.

Thiruvanaikoil Temple


Located in the suburb of the city Tiruchirappalli, Thiruvanaikoil Temple, also known as Jambukeshwarar Temple is one of the holiest places in Tamil Nadu, India. It is one of the Panchabhoota Temples (signifying the 5 elements of nature) and represents the water element (Neer). It is situated on an island surrounded by rivers Cauvery and Coleroon and should definitely be on your list when moving around this suburb.

The temple is also called “Appu Sthalam” and the Shiva Lingam here is called “Appu Lingam”. Dedicated to Lord Shiva and Akilandeshwari, the shrines in the Thiruvanaikoil temple are situated right opposite each other. This signifies the relationship between them: the Devi is the student and the Jambukeshwara is the teacher. The sanctum of Jambukeshwara has an underwater stream which is always full even though the water is pumped out every day. This temple is one of the 275 Paadal Petra Sthalams where all the 4 saints have sung prayers to the deity of this temple and it has inscriptions from the Chola period. Whether one is interested in religious beliefs of South India or is simply inquisitive about the culture of Tamil Nadu, this temple is a must-visit for anyone who visits this Southern suburb.

Varahi Amman Temple


The Varahi Amman Temple is located in Mangal Nagar, Woraiyur in the Tiruchirapalli district of Tamil Nadu. The temple is dedicated to Saptha Matha Varahi Amman who is regarded as one of the Matrikas. The Matrikas are a group of seven mothers or Goddesses, Saptha Matha being the fifth mother. The temple in Tiruchirapalli was founded by Sri Varahi Daasar Boopathi Swami who was an extremely loyal and dedicated devotee of the seven Goddesses.

Kallanai Dam


Located at a distance of only 15 km from Tiruchirapalli, the Kallanai Dam is built across the flowing River Kaveri. It spans over 1079 feet and is over 66 feet wide! This ancient dam was originally constructed about 2000 years ago, and it is the oldest functional water regulator structure in the entire country. It may not have much else to offer, but the mesmerising view is surely going to be worth taking a detour. The dam also serves as an inspiration for modern-day dams due to the excellent engineering behind it.

Also known as Grand Anicut, the enormous dam is famous not only because it is pertinent to the living of thousands of households around it, but also because of its unmatched scenic beauty. It is constructed with rough stones, but they have been indigenously supporting the dam's structure for over 200 decades. It is still in an excellent condition and is often frequented by locals for picnics. One finds true peace here, watching the sunset and the overall spectacular view. Various new developments, especially like a park, have also been made for kids.