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A small picnic spot in Tirunelveli, Papanasam is a village close to the main town. As the name suggests 'Papanasam' meaning putting an end to all the sins, the waters of this place are known for their mystical powers of redeeming the wrongdoings. With peace in its environment and beauty all over, it has emerged as a popular getaway destination for the people living nearby. The mountains around it are home to 108 herbs which are not found anywhere else in the world. In its vicinity are many things which let you spend a gala time over here.

Away from the hustle-bustle of the city life, one can enjoy the serenity of peaceful life in its laps. Situated at a distance of almost 45 km from Tirunelveli, a dense forest surrounding the village makes it a perfect recreational spot for people who are looking to spend some time with their friends and family. Papanasam has bewitching attractions such as Thamirabarani river, Agasthiyar falls, Papanasam dam and the Shiva temple. Moreover, the powerful waters of Papanasam have made it a famous pilgrimage destination.


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Papanasam Falls, Tirunelveli Overview

A twin brother to the Banateertham Falls, Papanasam Fall is an immaculate sheet of white water that flows enchantingly in the rainforests of the Western Ghats mesmerizing one and all with its sheer volume, beauty and height. The Papanasam Falls, with a drop of 120 meters is highly revered by the locals both for their immense beauty and religious significance. It is believed that a dip in its waters can absolve one of all their sins. It is, therefore, also called Papanasam Falls; Papanasam in local language means removal of all sins. It is also said that these pleasant force waterfalls possess unique herbal and medicinal properties and that the waters are so nourishing it feels like a soothing oil massage. 

In the quaint town of Papanasam in the Tirunelveli district are located these beautiful and mighty waterfalls, tucked in the mesmerizing rainforests of the Western Ghats. The waterfalls form in the Tamirabarani River right before they hit the plains of Tamil Nadu. The scenery surrounding the waterfalls is marked by lush greenery all around, colossal boulder rocks and a great Shiva temple, all of which make a visit to the falls absolutely worth it. If you are lucky, you could spot a Cheetah or a Tiger in the forest along with other animals. A must-see for nature lovers. For the ones seeking to get a step closer to their spiritual side, the Agasthiyar Falls are highly recommended. Come, soak in the beauty of the falls and breathe in the cool, fresh air in the forest. It's an experience worth having.



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Kanthimathi and Nellaiappar

The twin temples of Kanthimathi and Nellaiappar are the most famous religious sites of Tirunelveli. The two temples, one dedicated each to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are the nothing less than human excellence.

The several hundred year old temples have some very interesting sites. One of them is the golden Lily Tank. there is also a hall with 1000 pillars, each of them intricately carved and decorated. The most interesting feature, however, are the musical pillars, which create musical notes when you strike them at various places. The temple's Golden Chariot is the third largest in the country.



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Courtallam Falls

A waterfall located in a region called the "Spa of South India". Does that paint a picture of a wonderful holiday attraction in your mind? That's because it is! Set in the midst of a Panchayat town in the Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu, the Courtallam falls are renowned in the state for its enormity as well as ferocity. At an elevation of 160 metres (520 feet), the cascade towers above its green surroundings and magnificent hillside. This attraction is best suited for those looking to take a refreshing shower in the lap of nature. The Courtallam Falls are open to the public for rejuvenation while offering conveniences such as washrooms and food stalls in the vicinity. Photography enthusiasts may also find it worth their while to visit this majestic waterfall. And if you are a real nature buff, the mountains and glorious greenery should be enough to satisfy your soul as well.

The Courtallam Falls are a natural collection of small waterfalls that ultimately end up together at the base as a single, gigantic cascade. They are said to descend from several major rivers originating in the mountainous such as Chittar, Pachaiyar, and Maninuthar Rivers among many others. It is a common belief among the local folklore that the waters of Courtallam have medicinal properties that could cure a disability. The rocks behind the falls have been eroded to form uniquely shaped, honeycomb-like structures. There are also some Shivalingas (small idols of Lord Shiva) that can be found to be carved among the rocks in the locale.

A scene from the award-winning 1992 Hindi movie 'Roja' was filmed here, along with several other South Indian movies, and the waterfall has continued to grow in its popularity as a tourist attraction since then. Various facilities have been set up in the area for catering to travellers, including food stalls and commercial merchandise distinctive to the region. Overall, it makes for a colourful scene at this spot, with the waterfalls gently cascading in the background to produce a tranquil effect.



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Vettuvan Koil

If you're the kinds who is fascinated by ancient caves and excavations, the Vettuvan Koil is meant for you. The place is literally known as an a sculptor's paradise.

Built in 8th and 9th century, this unfinished temple is made from carved rocks. The carvings reflect the southern temple style of architecture from the Pandya era. Only the top portion of the temple is completed. At the top of the temple beautiful sculpture of Uma Maheswarar, Dakshinamoorthy, Vishnu and Brahma and other lords can be seen.



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Krishnapuram Temple- Thiruvenkatanathan

About 15 km from Thirunelveli is another beautiful temple. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the Krishnapurm Temple is famous for its life sized sculptures and a beautiful Idol of Lord Vishnu.


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Banatheertham Falls

A beautiful white wall of water, the Banatheertham Falls is a joy of nature meant to be adored and embraced with all its amazement. In the amazing beauty of the Western Ghats is hidden a beautiful white wall of water flowing through the dense green forest known as the Banatheertham Falls. The Banatheertham Falls which is situated just over the Karaiyar Dam in the Tamirabarani River in the state of Tamil Nadu was largely unknown till the 90s until the popular Hindi movie Roja was shot here which also led the falls to be named Roja Falls.

The perennial waters of the falls ensure that one can witnesses its beauty all year round. The falls are accessible through a boat ride to the Karaiyar Dam which allows a great view of the waterfalls tucked in between the verdant hills. At the end of the boat ride one can trek for about ten minutes to reach even closer to the waterfalls and witness the unhindered power of the Banatheertham falls.



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Manimuthar Waterfalls

Manimuthar Waterfalls are created by River Manimuthar cascading down a distance of 25 feet forming a pond at the bottom that runs over 90 feet deep. The waterfall is surrounded by dense forestation and offers a tranquil escape for the troubled soul.


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Krishnapuram Anjaneyar Temple

Located amidst lush green paddy fields, Krishnapuram Anjaneyar Temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. It is associated with the legend of Ramayana and other legends of Lord Hanuman. Devotees throng in large numbers to perform poojas for the deity who is believed to relieve on of all the obstacles and keep the devotees safe.


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Sivasailam Temple

Located in the Western Ghats and surrounded by Siver Hill, Sivasailam Temple is a beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Shivalinga is believed to appear from a rock on the hill after it was flooded with milk by several cows. Hence, the deity is called Sivasailanathar. The ancient temple architecture also draws visitors every year.

Karaiyar Dam

Karaiyar Dam was built for power generation and to meet the water requirements for irrigation. Also called as the Papanasam Dam, it is built on River Thabirabarani. The Gravity Dam stands 44 metres tall and has a length of 227 metres and the power plant generates a total capacity of 32 MW.


Shenbaga Devi Amman Temple

Shenbaga Devi Amman Temple is dedicated to Goddess Shenbaga, an incarnation of Goddess Durga. The temple is located in the natural terrain of the region covered in dense forests with the main waterfalls of Courtalam gushing nearby through the forest. The divine vibe of the presiding deity draws devotees every day.

Kasi of the South"

Tenkasi Tourism

Tenkasi is the second largest town of the Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu on the Madurai - Kollam highway. Amidst the Western Ghats, River Chittar flows through this picturesque destination favoured amongst tourists. While this town is known for waterfalls and temples, it has been made famous for its Courtallam Falls and Kasi Viswanathar Temple.

Tenkasi is famous for its main temple which is believed to be built by a Pandyan King, King Arikeari Parakrama after Lord Viswanatha appeared in his dream and instructed him to do so. The temple architecture has several inscriptions and carvings of mythological figures.



Named after the fort at the entrance of the town, Sengottai is an attraction famous for its rich culture. An independence activist, Vanchinathan, from Sengottai had shot the then Collector, Robert William dêEscourt Ashe and later committed suicide to escape the arrest. The place, thus, also has historic significance in the region. The town is surrounded by beautiful natural landscape and also has a number of parks that make it a famous recreational centre.


Manjolai is a beautiful hill station located in the Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve. The hill station is famous for tea plantations, the Manimuthur Dam and the Manimuthur waterfalls surrounded by natural surroundings making it a perfect attraction for nature lovers.